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P3Maxx™ fuel treatment contains organometalic compounds and mineral oils that increase the surface area of fuel droplets to increase the burn rate, creating a more efficient use of fuel.

The additive is engineered to lower the ignition point of fuel by as much as 400 degrees F, therefore providing longer residence time for the combustion process.

This would result in less carbon and smoke emitted from exhaust stacks due to unburned fuel.

Lower fuel usage or more horsepower and torque will be achieved when using this product.


The P3MAXX formulation has been sold in 55 gallon drums to the industrial industry for over 2 decades saving large companies millions of dollars in fuel.

4 Key Benefits

1. Increases fuel efficiency
2. Stabilizes fuel
3. Decreases pollution
4. Inhibits corrosion

Scientifically Proven to work with decades of testing.

Increases Fuel Efficiency

The fuel additive provides for a more complete combustion process so that more energy can be extracted from the fuel. Depending on specific application, fuel efficiency has increased up to 15%!

Decreases Pollution

Since fuel is combusted more efficiently, there is reduced carbon, soot/ash and smoke associated with burning fuel. In tests, the additive decreased combustible carbon residue between 60% to 90%.

Stabilizes fuel

The chemical composition of fuel oil begins to change after it is refined and results in larger particles, which forms sludge that first impacts oil filters and injectors, and ultimately makes the fuel less efficient or unusable.

P3MAXX helps to disperse sludge and retards the chemical process which leads to the large particles, which further enables fuel to be combusted efficiently.

Inhibits Corrosion

The fuel additive helps to mitigate fuel tank corrosion and helps keep fuel lines, filters and other parts clean. This results in more efficient fuel combustion but also results in less maintenance or part replacement.

The fuel additive helps to mitigate fuel tank corrosion and helps keep fuel lines, filters and other parts clean. This results in more efficient fuel combustion but also results in less maintenance or part replacement.

P3Maxx Components

- Lubricants
- Detergents
- Demulsifiers
- Stabilizers
- Polymerization Retardants
- Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors


P3Maxx Continuously Cleans the inside of your engine removing carbon build-up allowing your engine to maintain peak performance.


P3MAXX Lubricates all the internal parts in your engine helping to reduce friction and greatly extending the life of your engine.


P3MAXX has a emulsifier that helps to separate water caused by condensation from the fuel and the fuel tanks. water is the #1 cause of injector failure in all engines! P3maxx will result in lowering your maintenance cost.

Polymerization Retardants

P3Maxx contains a strong apolymerization retardant which prohibits solids from forming and reduces sludge buildup that will clog filters. This will also reduce maintenance costs by prolonging the life of the filters.


Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor

P3Maxx has a Corrosion inhibitor that will prevent corrosion to extend the life of your engines parts. This prevents damage caused by oxidation and rust in the fuel system as well as fuel tanks.

Approved Usage

• Generators
• Power Plants
• Trucking Fleets
• Farm & Agriculture Equipment
• Refuse Service
• Plumbing Service
• Military Equipment
• Railroad Industry
• Mining Equipment & Industry
• Sea Vessels, & Cruise Ships
• Automobiles
• RV's
• Boat & Marine
• Motorcycles
• ATV's
• Recreational Vehicles
• Racing
• Lawn & Garden Equipment
• Small Engine
• Oil Furnaces
• And so much more!


Decades of testing have been done on this formulation that meet the ASTM standards.

The P3Maxx Formulation has been used for over a decade by the largest mining contractor in the world, PT PAMA.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has also used this formulation in their ships since the early 2000's and it drastically reduced their sludge, allowing them to burn more fuel and saving them a substantial amount of money. 

The P3Maxx formulation was also used in the 2002 Winter Olympics in their generators with great success!

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